The softpack is designed to accommodate a standard 'A' size Oxygen Cylinder and Regulator, Bag Valve Mask Resuscitator, Oxygen Masks, OP Airways, Manual Suction, Oxygen Masks and a Multifit Cervical Collar.

It also has ample room for a range of essential trauma management supplies, e.g. SAM Splint, Combine Dressings, Crepe Bandages, Emergency Bandages, Rescue Blankets, Irrigation Solution, Cutting Shears, etc.

The softpack is manufactured using heavy duty nylon with a durable base to stand up to the wear and tear of its mission.

It can be carried by its standard handgrip handles, over the shoulder strap, or rip off the base cover and you will find a backpack harness system.

Supplied as standard in red but we would be happy to discuss other colour options as a special order

57cmL x 24cmD x 26cmH