The realistic face, body and fully jointed elbows, wrists, knees and ankles permit the student and teacher to simulate authentic nursing care and medical treatment of the young child.

Features of the Child Care Simulator include:

  • Soft, life like facial skin
  • Self molded hair
  • Eyes open and close in realistic eye sockets
        for ophthalmic procedures
  • Fully articulated head and jaw with teeth and
  • NG and otic exercises
  • Bends 30º at waist
  • Soft upper body skin over hard upper body
  • TB test site
  • Detachable at waist for easy storage
  • Intramuscular injection sites in left deltoid
        and right upper thigh
  • Interchangeable male organ
  • Tracheotomy opening
  • Male and female catheterisation
  • Bathing and bandaging activities
  • Removable internal tanks
  • Enema administration
  • Neck brace
  • Soft nylon carrying bag  

Weight 10.4kg