A great assortment of food replicas with a wide variety of foods so you can create many different meals on MyPlate.

42 food replicas including:

Grains: Bread, Cereal (dry), Flatbread, Oatmeal, Popcorn, Rice,Tortilla, Toast

Vegetables: Beans (green), Beans (kidney), Broccoli, Carrots, Chickpeas, Corn on the Cob, Tomato Juice, Lettuce leaf, Potatoes (mashed), Tomato Slice, Yam

Fruit: Apple, Banana (half), Blackberries, Grapefruit (half), Grapes, Orange Slices, Peach (2 slices), Raisins, Strawberries

Dairy: Cheese cubes, Cheese slice (Swiss), Milk (chocolate), Milk (skim), Milk (whole), Yoghurt

Protein: Almonds, Chicken, Egg, Peanut Butter, Pork Chop, Salmon, Roast Beef Slice, Fish