Designed for the rescue and retrieval of a man overboard (MOB) in a horizontal or vertical position. It enables two crew to complete the rescue operation without entering the water. The net design prevents the MOB being swept out the aft end and has no large openings which can lead to limb entrapment or risk of drowning in difficult conditions. The net encloses and conforms to the MOB shape and prevents the MOB falling out during lifting. Two poles enable the mouth of the net to be widened to maximise capture surface and gives rescuers extra reach, control and visibility during the rescue process. Includes an integral stretcher that clips on to the rescuers safety harness allowing the MOB to be stretchered immediately after water retrieval.


Load Limit 300kg

Packed Dimensions (W) x (H) 2050mm 525mm


Net Dimensions (W) x (H)

Sea Scoopa 3.3 1830mm x 3440mm

Sea Scoopa 4.3 1830mm x 4440mm



Sea Scoopa 3.3 17kg

Sea Scoopa 4.3 20kg