We believe this new pack is the most compact and space efficient advanced life support pack on the market.  Slightly larger in size than the top selling Aeromed pack, the Thomas Aeromed Advanced includes a large front pocket designed to accommodate both a complete adult and a complete paediatric bag valve mask resuscitators. 

The inside base of the pack contains both Thomas removable 'quick-pull' fully self-contained IV pouch as well as a removable drug kit.  The IV pouch is capable of holding all the necessary equipment to start a peripheral intravenous line, including 1000ml of liquids, six IV catheters, tubing, pressure infuser, gauze and swabs.  The contents of each pouch can also be set up differently to accommodate adult or paediatric patients. 

The Thomas small removable drug kit is designed to transport, protect and store dozens of necessary medications.  Specifically designed to allow some medications to be stored and transported in the boxed form, the preferred method of many emergency personnel today.  This mini drug kit is protected by two pieces of polycarbonate plastic and two pieces of 1.25cm self-enclosed Evazote foam.

The middle interior of the pack is finished with two colour coded vinyl pockets for additional storage, rapid location of equipment and for easy re-stocking. The complete airway section consists of a deep vinyl pocket capable of holding up to twenty ET tubes of various sizes and shapes, a blade and accessory section designed to securely hold the laryngoscope handle and up to eight laryngoscope blades. 

The Aeromed Advanced comes complete with two additional storage vinyl pockets in the airway section for airways and other accessories (batteries, bulbs, adapter, etc).  Other accessories and tools may be stored in the small side support pockets which have been enlarged to accommodate, if desired, two additional fully contained IV pouches. 

The pack also includes three D rings on the back to allow shoulder straps to be easily attached for transport. Also included in the interior and providing structural support for the pack is a Redi-splint which can be easily removed for emergency use if needed.  

Dimensions: 30cm x 35cm x 15cm