The Thomas ALS Ultra Pack is designed to carry virtually all of the equipment and supplies needed by emergency medical teams to perform advanced cardiac and trauma life support.

The colour coded ABC configuration ( Airway, Bleeding and Cardiac Medicine) helps responders communicate and significantly increases equipment location recall while treating the critically ill.  In total the ALS pack includes over 100 individual dividers, elastic and pouches. 

All removable cases and pouches are securely fastened in the pack to avoid loss of equipment and supplies, and are easily removed when needed.  The removable colour coded and vinyl front pouches simplify restocking and allow rapid recognition and access to all equipment and supplies. 

The Thomas ALS Ultra pack contains two large exterior pockets, each capable of holding an additional Thomas Drug Pack or the new Thomas Intubation Pack, six colour coded removable sections, four exterior removable vinyl side pouches and 19 miscellaneous soft pouches.   

Dimensions: 55cm x 35cm x 17.5cm

Contents shown in pouches and pockets not included