The ER Pack is most commonly used for ambulance, helicopter, search and rescue, high rise rescue or as a personal medical kit. In addition, the Thomas ER softpack is an excellent specialty kit for trauma, paediatric, neonatal, burn, obstetrical, cardiac or respiratory patients.

It comes supplied with:

  • 4 interior colour coded vinyl window pockets
  • 3 medium exterior pockets
  • 1 large hidden pocket
  • 3 small vinyl window interior base pockets

The placement and closure of these pockets is specially designed to reduce the likelihood of equipment loss.

The colour coding and clear vinyl front pockets in the Thomas Emergency Responder Softpack allow rapid location and access of equipment and supplies as well as quick re-stocking. The D rings on the back of the pack allow shoulder straps to be easily attached. The internal form of the pack, a Redi-Splint, can also serve as a splint if needed.

Dimensions: 30cmL x 35cmW x 12.5cmD

Contents shown in pouches and pockets not included

Does not include shoulder straps - these are available separately